About Me

Chosen by NatashKa Le’on

Motivated and inspired by Her Mother as a child and experiencing a tragic fire that destroyed every piece of clothing she owned, NatashKa Le’on was from that moment forever changed. Not having anything to wear to school, she began to test her creativity and started to sew her own clothes out of the various donations she’d received. That fire ignited a smoldering obsession in this Compton native to never let the circumstances of the bad outshine the everlasting effects of the good. From this, her resilience was tested, and her passion was discovered. Fashion became her refuge. Her place of contentment. Gifted with an eye for style, individuality, and a fearless attitude of always being willing to step outside of her comfort zone, her purpose had been confirmed.

NatashKa had always dreamt of going mainstream and sharing her enthusiasm for fashion and style with the world. In pursuit of taking her infatuation to the next level, she successfully graduated from FIDM LA in 2006.

In addition to designing for her family and friends, NatashKa has volunteered her talents and  partnered with various local charitable programs; providing customized bras for breast cancer patients, makeovers and styling for victims of domestic violence, and offered her assistance with accessibility to prom dresses for disadvantaged young women.

 Although, she's had a life of trial and tribulations, a piece of those flames continue to burn within NatashKa Le'on as she scorches all doubts, and blazes her way through her "CHOSEN" path to greatness, while reassuring all women of the beauty, sexiness and confidence they possess along the way.

She now takes advantage of the opportunity to bring a distinct level of sophistication to her designs while maintaining a demanding sense of confidence, sass, and a defining bit of edge. Every stitch serves as a reminder to all that she’s risen above and beyond the ashes!

 NatashKa Le’on was brought through the flames-CHOSEN BY GOD TO CREATE.